For more than 15 years, I have helped create and support brands from the agency side to the inside. I’ve built creative teams from the ground up and challenged others to grow and break new ground. And now it’s time for the next creative challenge. 


what i do

As a Creative Director, what I do best is create clarity and rally people behind big ideas. Sometimes that means writing a creative brief that crystalizes a “touchy-feely” notion into an actionable creative strategy. Other times it simply means creating a better user experience or telling a story through well-produced, compelling content.

But in every case, it takes a cohesive team, vision and leadership. So, I've learned to be a hands-on creative leader and I love mentoring and collaborating with designers, writers, photographers and videographers. 

We live in a digital world, so much of the experience I bring is from the digital space. But if moving the needle means designing better product packaging or painting a sign on a brick wall, then that’s what you do. Point is, it’s not so much the medium as it is the idea that turns heads and wins hearts and minds.

For a more nuts and bolts look at my professional history, see my resume.


“What I do best is create clarity and rally people behind ideas.”



On the personal side, my wife and golden retriever are the center of my universe and the reason I get up every morning. I am passionate about animal rights, healthy food and healthy living.  I love hiking, biking, running, craft beer and the pursuit of the next best pesto margherita pizza. 

My ten siblings and I grew up in northern Indiana, where I was indoctrinated with a Midwest work ethic and the compulsion to never stop learning new things. After college I moved to Indianapolis where I worked for a magazine publisher, a real estate developer, a food packaging manufacturer, advertising agency and a PR firm.

They were all great experiences, and I learned a ton from each. But then I caught the entrepreneur bug and cofounded a creative agency. We launched consumer product brands, developed multi-purpose lifestyle centers and even launched one of two 100% solar-powered resorts in the world. But after 10 amazingly successful years, it was time for a new challenge and a change of geography.

In 2011, I was recruited to Greenville, South Carolina to help grow and evolve a web development technology firm into a digital agency. As Creative Director and Executive Leadership member, I helped build the team, win new business and guide the direction of the company toward becoming one of the top digital agencies for higher education institutions in the country. 

Now it’s time to find the next challenge and new opportunities to lead, collaborate, grow and celebrate wins.