Project Scope
Creative Direction
Brand Development
Package Design
Retail Store Design
Point-of-Sale Displays
UI/UX Design

I worked with Hubbard & Cravens Coffee and Tea for nearly ten years. And during that time we helped turn a small local start-up into a premium brand with multiple retail locations and lucrative private label brands for high end restaurants and hotels.


The very DNA of the Hubbard & Cravens brand is in the hearts and minds of its founders, who built the company from the ground up. Their image and voice became front and center to establish  their expertise and love of their craft in the coffee and tea industry.


Shelf Presence

The success of the Hubbard & Cravens brand image came from the simplicity of its package design and its artisan-like presentation in retail settings.

Private LabelING

As brand recognition grew, so did the demand for more premium beverage products, including private reserve specialty coffees and private label teas for restaurants and hotels.

In-store promotion

In-store promotions for rare Private Reserve coffees and seasonal espresso, chai and tea drinks gave the brand breathing room to create interest without straying too far or adding unnecessary layers or adornment.