Project Scope
Brand Positioning
Creative Direction
Photography Direction
UI/UX Design

At the Florida State University College of Education, students are the focus. Unfortunately that wasn’t the message they were putting out there. So I lead my team to uniquely position their brand to compete.


To tell the "student focus" story, we wanted to show it first-hand. So over the course of weeks, we planned and shot an extensive library of photos that showed how FSU students were the focus.

Student RecruiTMENT Website

The College of Education website played a central role in communicating authentic, down-to-earth messaging about how faculty and staff rallied around students to challenge and encourage them to make them better students.

THE Student Voice

An important part of the successful rebrand effort was capturing the authentic voice of students. As part of the content strategy, we invited students of all ages and programs to share their experiences at Florida State University and what made them decide to become a leader in education.