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What started as an idea for an employee recruitment campaign quickly became a rallying cry that changed the culture of one of the largest public account firms in the country. 

Beyond the Stereotypes

There are a lot of preconceptions about accountants. Numbers geeks. Organized overachievers. Business-savvy math wizards. Spreadsheet shamans. But at the end of the day, accounting professionals are people. People with families, friends, homes, hobbies — and a life outside of work. That epiphany turned what began as an employer branding and talent recruitment campaign into a rallying cry for an entire corporate culture.

The human side

Through photography, we were able to show the lives of DHG employees inside and outside the office, showing that there is Life Beyond Numbers.


Recruitment Campaign

At the root of the campaign was the effort to recruit employees, including both recent college graduates working accounting professionals.

The effort to further define DHG’s employee value proposition and launch a campaign to recruit experienced accounting professionals and soon-to-be college graduates took on a life of its own. The “Life Beyond Numbers” story was relevant to more than new recruits. It resonated so well with leadership that it has become the foundation for all internal employee communications and programs.