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The successful launch of this one-of-a-kind eco-resort was powered by an authentic brand, a sustained earned media campaign, and years of pure tenacity.



When I first got involved with Tiamo, it was just an idea. More like a hope really. The owners had a dream to open a bed and breakfast somewhere in the Caribbean. When they found the right spot in The Bahamas, there was just one problem. This remote island didn't have electricity other the infrastructure you'd expect a boutique hotel to have. So out of pure necessity, the owners decided to source 100% of their electricity right from the sun. Back then, solar power was still very expensive. So the first phase of this endeavor started with a marketing campaign to find investors.

Less than a year later, Tiamo was fully funded and under development — a pretty impressive achievement in and of itself. But the real success of this campaign was yet to come. Time Magazine caught wind of our efforts and decided to feature Tiamo on the front cover of it's new Magazine, "ON" — a publication dedicated to businesses that started on the Web. It didn't take long to conclude that earned media would be the heart of Tiamo's success. So at the core of the marketing strategy, we created a media center that was very accessible to the press.

tiamo kayak ad

Print & Digital Advertising

A remote island in the Caribbean with no phone or internet isn't for everyone. But for guests who wanted to get off the grid and recharge their batteries, Tiamo offered a playground to do (or not do) just about any activity mother nature had to offer.

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As with any hotel or resort, Tiamo's website was key to its success. But unlike most hotel websites, Tiamo didn't allow guests to book their stay. Instead, staff carefully screened potential guests to make sure they were the right fit for this exclusive boutique hotel.

Earned Media

The real key to Tiamo's success was earned media. At the outset, we made Tiamo's media center, including a hi-res photography library and press releases, highly visible and accessible to the press.  In a few short years, Tiamo became a media darling, featured in National Geographic Traveler, Condé Nast Traveler, Travel+Leisure, NBC, Bon Appetit, Islands, Caribbean Travel & Life and others.